Great Campaigns: Obama's 2008 Presidential Campaign

President Obama's election campaign was arguably the most successful presidential campaign in history, utilizing every online resource possible. He was the first presidential candidate to do so, especially in such an effective manner. "The integration of technology into the process of field organizing … is the success of the Obama campaign," says Sanford Dickert, who worked as John Kerry’s chief technology officer for the 2004 campaign. "But the use of technology was not the end-all and be-all in this cycle. Technology has been a partner, an enabler for the Obama campaign, bringing the efficiencies of the internet into the real-world problems of organizing people in a distributed, trusted fashion." The online communities provided a platform for people to find other supporters and get together to campaign for Obama. This sort of self-organization was truly a first in American history.

As you can see, his logo and website were integral to his campaign front and could be seen everywhere. Anything that Obama put forth to the public had a uniform look that fit with the rest of the campaign.

This is what is currently on Obama's website; he has kept up his online presence in every forum possible.